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Vicis, in collaboration with the NFLPA, through their respective appointed biomechanical experts, coordinated extensive laboratory research to evaluate which helmets best reduce head impact severity.

The results of the laboratory tests are displayed on the poster below and shared with NFL players, in addition to club medical, training, coaching and equipment staffs to help inform equipment choices. 


Advanced Exoskeletal Systems (AEXOS) is now offering a new technology called HALO that promises to reduce whiplash when you’re playing a high-impact game like football. The technology, which the brothers started developing in 2015, has been endorsed by Safe 4 Sports, an organization that advocates for injury prevention among athletes.


Marc Pro is a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation device that helps muscles recover faster,

allowing professional and everyday athletes to perform and feel their best.

Our patented technology
takes active recovery to the next level with non-fatiguing muscle activation.

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